Mayor’s Office on Fathers, Men and Boys

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The Manuscript

In collaboration with Facebook DC, The Mayor has created an initiative that supports to change the stigma around mental health support for men in communities of color. The Manuscript, is a “Red Table Talk” style web series where men talk about issues that relate to their mental health. Streamed exclusively on Facebook Watch, this series entitled “The Manuscript” will be used to highlight issues such as fatherlessness, male toxicity, grieving after a loss, and the effects of incarceration on families. 

Each episode will be hosted by Jason R.L Wallace, Director of the Mayor’s Office on Father’s Men, and Boys, and will include the perspectives from residents, therapist and public figures. Each episode directs viewers to district resources where they can receive help if they are struggling with the topic of discussion.

The negative stigma and silence regarding mental health for men and boys, specifically of color, are literally shortening the lifespans of males. The perceived blemish of vulnerability of seeking emotional help in many cases leads to repression and trauma which effect physical health.Studies show that there is a direct correlation between mental health and societal issues such as homelessness, incarceration, poverty, the availability of education, and family dynamics. According to Men’s Health, more than 6 million men struggle with depression on a daily basis and another 3 million men struggle with anxiety daily. Male suicide is rising at such an alarming rate as the second most common cause of death for every age group for men 10 through 39.

In addition, seeking mental health care is stigmatized within many communities of people of color, and just 1 in 3 African Americans who struggle with mental health issues will ever receive treatment.